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September 17, 2014

Acer in collaboration with Microsoft targeting novice laptop

Yippee Kay Yay | Targeting novice laptop user market at an affordable price, does not mean the products are presented cheap. Acer in collaboration with Microsoft brings three option packages laptops nonetheless provide interesting products according to the needs.

Respectively, the first, the right choice by presenting a mini laptop V5-123 Aspire, Aspire V5-132, and Aspire E3-111 with a weight of 1.2 kg is suitable for those who are active and want a device with a design that complements the appearance.

Second, complete with a choice of 14-inch Aspire laptop E5-411 with a choice of colors Piano Black and Pearl White, complete with operating system Windows 8.1 with Bing as well as a bonus in the form of free calling using Skype safe up to 300 minutes. Complete package is right for students and students who want performance with a budget that fits in the pocket.

And the third is a safe choice to give a full 3 year warranty option includes service and parts for the products and Aspire Aspire E1-410 E1-422 (Dual Core).

In addition, the advantages of this product is the choice with the Firewall Systems in Built-in on Windows 8.1l "A firewall is one of the features that is capable of preventing the entry of hackers, malware, or some other type of virus through the Internet. Important function of a firewall this eventually manifested by Windows 8.1, "said Astrid Warsitom Acer representative of Indonesia in his press conference.

Then there is the App Locker feature. By using App Locker, users can act as an administrator to control the use of and access to various types of files such as EXE.file, MSI, scripts, and other file types.

"App Locker will also help users to limit the number and type of files you want to run so that the user can not run applications that contain malware or unlicensed applications that can facilitate the commission of hacking and virus entry," he said.

To be able to save the recovery key to open a Microsoft account on a laptop or other computer, Acer is also preparing Device Encryption. Other people who do not know the user's recovery key will not be able to access the important data stored.


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