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August 25, 2012

Earth's Gravity

A natural phenomenon that can not be avoided on this earth is a power or force can be said to always pull down (perpendicular to the Earth) is often referred to as Earth's gravity.

Earth's gravitational force is also known as the Earth's gravitational pull bumi.Dengan we can walk on the surface of the earth, a car that could run on the highway as well as the roots of trees leading into the earth. In the absence of gravity humans have trouble walking surface of the earth is like being on the moon that are not gravity, if any, is so small that no real influence. Therefore, astronauts can not stand up straight let alone to run, astronauts move by floating in the atmosphere. However, different if the earth which has the force of gravity so that living beings and objects that are not floating on the surface of the earth being up into space.

Figures very closely with Isac Newton's gravity is a phenomenon that apples fall down not up.

The gravitational force on each surface of the earth is not the same place, is caused by a variety of differences, these differences are:
- The radius of the poles and the equator (small effect)
- Altitude (the effect is also very small)
- The density of rocks that make up Earth's crust

By knowing the force of gravity at the earth's surface, the experts can analyze the state of the earth. Assuming that the volume (mass) the amount fixed by the lower parts of the earth as well as the ocean or valley offset by a continent or a mountain in order to keep the volume of the earth. If we look at the globe it is seen that the northern hemisphere is largely southern hemisphere continents while most of the ocean.

Things like that also occurs in the mountains that the high mountain path appears the balance of a deep sea trench lines nearby. This phenomenon is called the position or the position has always balanced isostacy. As long as it has not reached the equilibrium of the earth's crust will move on to achieve balance and this is one of the causes of the tectonic style or volatility in certain places on the surface of the earth.


kalo misal diluar angkasa gravitasi itu ternyata ada gimana ya?
cuma "mereka" gak pengen kita "kabur" dari bumi ini hehe..

ngeri juga ya kalo misalkan gak ada gaya gravitasi Bumi..
bisa2 smua pada terbang donk..

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