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October 18, 2011

Risk Factors of Heart Disease

There are various kinds of heart disease, but heart disease is coronary heart disease is generally feared because it strikes at productive age and can lead to sudden death heart attacks. The cause of coronary heart disease is the narrowing and blockage of coronary arteries.

Narrowing and blockage of coronary arteries caused by buildup of fatty substances (cholesterol, triglycerides) are more and more and accumulate beneath the innermost layer (endothelium) of the artery wall. This reduces or stops the flow of blood to the heart muscle so that interfere with the heart as the blood pumping. Dominant effect of coronary heart disease is the loss of oxygen and nutrients to the heart because of reduced blood flow to the heart. Formation of fatty plaques in the arteries will influence the formation of blood clots that will encourage a heart attack.

There are four main factors causing heart disease, namely:
1. smoking too much over the years
2. levels of blood fats (cholesterol) is high
3. high blood pressure
4. diabetes


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Healthline recently put together an infograph showcasing heart disease statistics and facts to help someone understand their risk for a heart attack or other heart-related issues. You can see the infograhic here: http://www.healthline.com/health/heart-disease-infographic

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