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October 9, 2011

Concept and Theory of Atomic

Concept and Theory of Atomic. Atomic arrangement consists of: particles of protons, neutrons and electrons.

1. Atomic theory according Leokippos and Demokratos:
Atom is one of the smallest particles that can not be subdivided.

2. According to Aristotle's theory of atoms:
Atom is a material that can be divided continuously or every detail without any limits.

3. According to Dalton's atomic theory:
- Compounds formed from the combination of two or more different atoms
- Atom is a material composed of the smallest particles
- Atom can not be created nor be destroyed and can not be broken down or reduced again with the same properties
- Elements composed by two or more of the same atom, in which every element has different properties and shapes
- The chemical reaction is accompanied by incorporation of the separation of the atoms of the element or compound in the reaction.


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If the atom can not be separated again, meaning this is the smallest thing, huh? But, really great, could be material to destroy the destroyer!
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