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August 3, 2011

what is a cell?

Structure unit cell is the smallest physiological function of all living organisms. Cells is closely associated with life because the cell is a compilation of the smallest living things. Cell biology is the smallest unit that still has the characteristics of life. One of them is the cell able to live alone or have the potential for it, the cell will respond to changes in the environment, the cell also has the ability to produce.

The word cell was first disclosed by Robert Hooke (1965) to show the tiny rooms in each of the soft tissue is viewed through a simple microscope. Only later, namely in the early 19th century Lorenzo Oken, Mathiassa Scheiden, Theodor Schwann and Rudolf Virchow proposed the cell theory.


Anatomically the cell was divided into 3 parts, namely:
1. Plasma membrane (plasma membrane or Plasmalemma).
2. Cytoplasm and organelles Tues
3. Inti Cells (nucleus).


ini sih pelajaran IPA waktu SMP dulu sob...
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kalo manusia terdiri dari brp sel ya?

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