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July 30, 2011

Benefits Bengkoang

In addition to mixed salad can be eaten sweet, it is also called yam bengkoang or choose a variety of properties that can we get if we are diligent in taking it. Yam is in the Latin language Pachyrhizuserosus can reach a length of 4-5 meters with a spread. Tubers contain sugar, phosphorus, starch dankalsium. Bulbs also have a cooling effect because they contain 86-90% water content. The sweet taste of a oligosakorida berasl who called inulin (vegetable starch)

Inulin has been used as a substitute for sugar and calorie-lowering foods such as ice cream, milk and bread produduk. These components can not be digested enzymes in the human intestine, thus bypassing the mouth and intestine without metabolism. insulin in the colon then undergo fermentation by gut microflora into fatty acids and lactic, with a byproduct of bacterial biomass and gas. Due to the nature of this undigested inulin suited consumed diabetics. Important properties of inulin is a dietary fiber, the nature of this effect on bowel function and improvement in blood parameters.

Inulin affects bowel function by increasing stool mass and increased frequency of defecation, especially in patients with constipation. Improvement of fat in the blood parameters, including decreased cholesterol levels and blood serum triliserida in patients hypercholerolemia.

Benefits Bengkoang To Eliminate Black Spots On Face

Besides inulin content that may have a positive impact on our gut, we can also bengkoang though to be a mask that we can use as a reliever black spots on the face. Here's how to make bengkoang to be a face mask:

1. Scar yam subtly bit much.
2. Then use the grated yam and smeared to the face / is stained or can also be used as a mixture of the scrub. Rub gently and let stand 30 minutes.
3. Then rinse thoroughly, the face looks clean and bright.


I wanna try those recipe. I like this fruit, it's fresh.

Paling enak tuh kalo bengkoang dibikin rujak manis...

ternyata bengkoang bermanfaat jg ya utk wajah?

Ternyata manfaat bengkoang banyak juga yah...makasih atas infonya.
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