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June 13, 2011

Know the Milky Way

Galaxies based on the wikipedia is a system bound by gravity which consists of stars (with all forms of manifestations, including neutron stars and black holes, cosmic gas and dust of the interstellar medium, and the possibility of a hypothetical substance known as dark matter.

Milky Way itself is a large spiral galaxy and has a Hubble type SBbc. The total mass of this galaxy is owned by approximately 1012 of the mass of the Sun.

There are about 200-400 billion stars 1000 light years in thickness and diameter of 100,000 light-years in this Milky Way galaxy. Our sun is one of the star the star. That's why understanding this galaxy is so important. This is because in the Milky Way is our home planet as humans.

The distance between our sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy about 27,700 light years. And at the center of the galaxy is thought to have supermassive black holes (black holes). And do you know our solar system is only just around it as much as 20-25 times.


hmm, i wonder.. thousand galaxies in the outer space which must be have a center like a sun. is there any life beside in our galaxy??

there is many a lot of mystery.....??

salah satu misteri dunia adalah apa yg disebut dgn "black hole"
apakah itu adalah sebuah terowongan antar dimensi?

nice post friend, I like science

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