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April 9, 2011

Second Award of Penghuni 60: "100 Post Award"

I do not think, if my blog is getting an award again. This is the award a second time. Thank you to my friend "Penghuni 60".

Thank you for the award which you have provided on this blog. Hopefully with your hundredth post, will motivate me to be able to catch up.

Once again thank you for the "100 Post Award".

Award 100 Posting Penghuni 60

Thank you very much, hopefully more successful!


thnks you my friend

almost all blue here,
all your posting use english,don't u?
well honestly, sometimes i also want to posting an article in english, but it's make me doubt if the reader can't catch the 'meaning' of the message from my article. so, how about you?

*kunjungan perdana-follow done*

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