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March 9, 2011

Ditching school

Ditching school has become one of culture in education. Often we find that school children still roamed outside the school during school hours with school uniform.

If antiquity may only boys are doing or to preserve this culture, but lately not rare to find women who play truant school children on school hours, alone with female peers or with male friends.

And what about school rules? Does the school take no action with such incidents? Maybe there are some schools that regard this is normal with no sanctions against children who play truant. But actually in every school there must be regulations governing sanctions for children who play truant. But these rules sometimes are not enforced either because the teacher did not know or indeed because the teacher was tired of punishing the child.

Penalties for students who play truant could sometimes be a double-edged knife that can also be troublesome teacher sometimes, how not? As you might know a lot of news lately about teachers' violence against students. I think it is a natural thing for a teacher must also have self-esteem if he made the rules are violated repeatedly, the teacher will feel unappreciated as a teacher of course.

So what is the purpose of the students play truant?


Somekind of problem in the education stuff is quite hard to solve, there are so many complicated stuff..

jaman skrg sih, udah gak aneh, makin byk aja ulah para pelajar yg gak bener, mulai dari membolos sampe tawuran...
sebenarnya mreka mau jadi apa sih..

budaya yg tidak baik itu, hrs dihilangkan...

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hayo ngaku siapa yg pernah waktu sekolah nya kayak gini ?

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