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March 30, 2011

Chicken Liver As Low Blood Pressure Drug

Chicken liver, it was very Tasty and delicious side dishes Pls made, and I think everyone liked it except the people WHO did not Want To eat meat (vegetarians).

In Addition to use as side dishes, with cleverness, no less with a sack of the ancient man. our ancestors have proved the efficacy of chicken liver as low blood pressure drug.

The trick is:
1. Take heart newly slaughtered chicken, then wash the blood attached to a water Until clean.
2. When you are clean with no need to key it in chopped liver into a cup filled with boiling water
3. Wait A Few moments in order: That the substances contained in
it dissolves into the water
4. Drink the water in a state of lukewarm.

Perform work as described above, every day 1 time for 2 or 3 days I Hope that this simple way will of your blood pressure returns to normal


emang bnr hati ayam itu bisa menambah darah

tapi ada yang bilang kalau hati ayam itu kotor, hmm.

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