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December 11, 2010

My Friend's Blog - Banner Link Sahabat

I'm just a fly speck of dust in the wind. But I've got love. I will carry that love with my family happiness. Throughout the period of my life journey.

But all that could be meaningless without the fabric of a friendship.

For all of you who want to be my friend, please attach a link of this blog in your blog. I will do the same.

Thank you

wanna banner exchange?

Copy paste this code on your blog:

below is a banner of my friends:

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Thank you for installing Link Demas~drj7, and I also have pairs of links and follow your site. Next ... exchanging banners? i will wait for confirmation. Thx.

i have banner ...

what is your code of your banner???

Thanks friend, I also have put your Banner. Please check.

thx ur banner in my blog and ur follower number 79 :)

sob tolong di ganti ya link url blog saya dari http://aplikasi-x.co.cc menjadi http://aplikasi-x.blogspot.com thx maaf merepotkan di tunggu kabarnya :)

hi there..
this is a great blog.. i like to place the link of this blog @ my blog site.. and i wish that u'll place my link @ this blog..
my blog name : cindelaras
url : http://www.sidik-supomo.co.cc

thank you for visiting my blog before..

hello my friend,

your link is already installed at the sidebar of my blog. you may check it..
i hope you will place my link in this blog.. just like i did..

my blog name is : cindelaras
my blog url is : www.sidik-supomo.blogspot.com

i'm waiting for your visiting..

Your banner already added on my blog, please add me

banner may be entrusted me buddy, pal banner is mounted seamlessly check http://juruindradownload.blogspot.com/2011/08/exchange-link.html

i'm waiting for your visiting.
thank you..

can we link exchange?
put my banner on your blog, I will do the same

Your banner has been corrected cek http://juruindradownload.blogspot.com/2011/08/exchange-link.html

I have no visible banner ... the banner has been installed successfully mate in http://juruindradownload.blogspot.com/2011/08/exchange-link.html run its course ... please scroll confirmation awaited friend ....

I don't have banner, but lets link exchange with me..

gan bannernya sudah saya pasang, visit back http://anaktimor-17.blogspot.com/p/banner-sahabat.html

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